Your Weekly Tarot Card Reading Asks, “What Do You Really Believe?”

Your Weekly Tarot Card Reading Asks, “What Do You Really Believe?”

You don’t need to know the difference between a three-card and a Celtic cross spread to get the most out of a tarot card reading. All you need: your Sun sign! Here’s what I do: Shuffle my tarot deck and pull out the cards in order from Aries to Pisces plus one general card for everyone so that you can get specific advice around your personality. Let’s go!


Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

We all have our own ideologies, norms, and traditions. The Hierophant asks us to recognize ourselves here, to know what we believe in and why, and maybe even to challenge it. Many beliefs come from our early life and family upbringing. Maybe they no longer serve the life you lead now? And many beliefs come as a “package,” where one ideological position swiftly leads to another. If your opinions can

be predicted, maybe they could use some reexamining. We should all think about what we believe this week.


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ace of pentacles

Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

Aries, the Ace of Pentacles is an invitation to start something new. Choose something linked to home, health, work, or wealth. You are sowing seeds for the future and beginning a new journey of self-improvement. This is a slow burner. Give yourself months, if not a whole year, to reach your goal here. Make mini goals between the major milestones. Plan out your path so it’s sustainable and achievable.


5 of pentacles

Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

Of all of the zodiac signs, you are the one who HATES to lose something. You are naturally possessive. You like to control what’s in your world, and even if you don’t want something anymore, you don’t like to let it go. This is a trait you battle with. The Five of Pentacles sees you testing yourself here this week. Something has gone and you’re fixating on it, even though you know it was for the best. Fight this emotion and see sense. Rise above this urge to regret.


ace of swords

Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

People give Gemini a bad rap when it comes to telling the truth. People think you’re loose with the truth. But that’s not really fair. Geminis tend to tell the truth, it’s just that they also change their mind a lot (so the truth can change too), and they see all sides (so they know there’s more than one truth). The Ace of Swords asks you to get to the point this week. Say what’s on your mind, and be direct. Don’t flip flop. People want to know where you stand.


6 of wands

Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

You’re on a roll, Cancer, so keep on rolling! The Six of Wands brings victory, success, achievement, and progress in areas that you’re already doing well in. Build on your successes, amplify your wins, celebrate, and keep working for more of the same. Recognize what you’re good at and where you’re valued, and put all your focus there. You are finding your niche. This is not a time to change course or let doubt undermine you.


3 of swords

Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

The Three of Swords is a tough card, Leo. Especially for you, because you work so hard to impress everyone. This card hints someone is not a fan of yours. They’ve been unimpressed, and maybe even deliberately hurt or sabotaged you. F*ck them, right? Right. The Three of Swords tells you to chop them out of your life. Be ruthless, swift, and deliberate. They have shown who they are, so go ahead and take them at their word.


the moon

Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

If any zodiac sign was destined to be a detective, then it’s you, Virgo. You are perceptive, practical, diligent, ethical, determined, and observant. All the skills you need to solve a mystery! The Moon reveals you’ve got a cold case on your hands this week. Some unfinished business or unanswered questions linger and they’re still bothering you. So get to the bottom of it] and solve the case. Ask a lot of questions and probe the answers. Watch closely. See beyond what is presented at face value. Get to the truth and you will see what needs to happen next.


the empress

Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

The Empress matches up with Venus, your ruling planet, which means all the Venus-ruled cosmic forces are in play–like creativity, fertility, beauty, love, sex, indulgence, and pleasure. Sounds like a great week, right? Right. Have fun with the people you love and like. If growing or starting your family is a priority, then get to it. If you have your eye on a new or growing romance, go for it. Spend time with your loved ones. Go out in nature. Breathe deeply. Be creative. Enjoy your precious life, Libra.


the tower

Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

Something is coming, you can feel it in your bones. Scorpio, you have super-strong intuition. You know there’s a truth about to come out that will change the game. Brace for impact. The Tower shows that something might rock your world very soon, and it might be a shock (though you’ve had a heads up here). Don’t panic or worry, Scorpio, because this is the universe at work, collapsing something that is false, fading, or negative. It needs deconstructing and this truth is the first step. Face it head on.


wheel of fortune

Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

The Wheel of Fortune is your kind of card because it means that anything goes. Expect change, news, opportunity, gossip, invitations, setbacks, and influence. However you start this week, you won’t end it in the same situation. And that’s cool. You’re up for change. The good news is that everything will turn out alright in the end, so if ever you think “this isn’t alright,” then just know that it’s not yet the end, okay? The best thing to do with this card is to initiate a change yourself. Push that wheel and watch it spin. Time for transformation.


2 of swords

Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

You don’t normally avoid the big decisions, but you’ve done just that one recently. You’ve left something important up to fate, or maybe you hoped someone else would deal with it. Neither of those things have come to pass, and now the problem is all yours, Cap. Okay, time to face it. The Two of Swords asks you to look at the pros and cons, research the unanswered questions, and come to a conclusion. Your plan might not be perfect, and that’s okay too. Just get a decision out there and move on. This has gone on for too long, and it’s causing stagnation.


queen of swords

Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

The Queen of Swords gives you permission to do your own thing, Aquarius. Start a project that mentally or intellectually challenges you, one that represents progress or advancement in a subject of interest. Do it alone. Concentrate and focus. Set a goal. Find time and space in your schedule to focus on it. You’re super smart. You need this to stimulate you.


hanged man

Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

You feel like you’re banging your head on a brick wall: You’re frustrated, thwarted, and blocked. Pisces, let go. Surrender. Let fate take over, because you are not in control. Better still, look at this situation from another’s POV, from an upside-down perspective. In that different lens lies the answer and the way forward. When you see it, you will know. And then you can apply that knowledge and move beyond this dead end. Just don’t carry on doing what you’re already doing. You know it isn’t working.

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