Zendaya Shares Why She’s Skipping the 2022 Met Gala

Zendaya Shares Why She’s Skipping the 2022 Met Gala

A Met Gala legend is missing this year’s ball. Zendaya revealed to Extra at the Euphoria For Your Consideration Emmy event that she will be skipping the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual fundraiser on Monday, May 2. Blame it on Zendaya’s packed schedule, not her lack of desire to go.

“I’m gonna disappoint my fans here, but I will be working,” Zendaya said when asked about the Met Gala.
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“Your girl’s gotta work and make some movies. So I wish everyone the best. I will be playing tennis. But yeah, I’ll be back eventually…Yeah, I’ll keep delivering in other ways [on other red carpets].”

Zendaya didn’t specify whether her boyfriend Tom Holland, who has been shooting The Crowded Room in New York City, will attend the event solo.

Zendaya spoke to InStyle in October about how she approaches red carpet dressing and posing. “I think about red carpets as having their own characters and narratives,” she explained. “We build a little story for all the looks. It’s like an extension of my acting career in a weird way—you just pop this wig on or whatever it is. Clothes sometimes are very emotional, so I get to embody these different facets—maybe they’re of myself, or maybe they’re alter egos. But I get to meet these different women through clothes.

She cited her 2018 Joan of Arc Met Gala look as one of her favorites. She also confirmed she practices posing for red carpets beforehand. “Sometimes I do, actually,” she said. “When I put on an outfit, I will occasionally look at it in the mirror and see what poses work with the silhouette. I do think a little bit about that.”

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