All the Best Sex Toys for Squirting, According to ~Gushing~ Reviews

All the Best Sex Toys for Squirting, According to ~Gushing~ Reviews

A few things to keep in mind before clicking that “add to cart” button for your new squirt assistant:

Consider the material

When it comes to vibrators, material matters, ’cause you def don’t want to irritate your most intimate areas with a poorly-made toy. It’s best to steer clear of toys made with PVC, as those tend to be more porous and pretty much impossible to fully sanitize. Instead, look for toys made from body-safe or medical-grade silicone, which work great with water-based lubes. Toys made from borosilicate glass, stainless steel, or ABS plastic are also safe choices.

Find the right weight

Generally speaking, a heavier counterweight = a deeper vibration. But that doesn’t mean every toy with a powerful AF motor is going to be amazing. Toys also need to be balanced, so the vibration energy goes where it needs to go (like the contact area) and not anywhere else (like the handle, which would make your arm super tired). And sometimes, a lighter toy is preferable if you’re looking for something you can take on the go.

Think of how you like to get off

It’s possible that you can squirt from internal stim alone, but studies show that over 75 percent of vagina owners actually need more than just penetration to orgasm. If that’s the case for you, then consider getting a dual-stimulating toy that’ll give you a blended orgasm—like the Tracy’s Dog OG Pro 2 or the Unbound Clutch—or a v powerful clit massager, like the JimmyJane Legacy Form 2 LX.

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