Bravo Is Denying One of Rachel Leviss’ Most Major Claims in Her Bethenny Interview

Bravo Is Denying One of Rachel Leviss’ Most Major Claims in Her Bethenny Interview

Looks like Bravo is out here fact checking one pretty major bombshell that Rachel Leviss dropped during her podcast with Bethenny Frankel. In the interview, Rachel claimed she confronted Tom Sandoval about keeping a NSFW video of her on his phone—a scene which didn’t air on Vanderpump Rules.

Per Rachel, “When Tom and I were filming at my apartment after filming got picked back up, I said to Tom, how can I trust you, you filmed me without my consent. And he admitted to it, but then after that scene wrapped he said, ‘Why did you say that? Why did you say that on camera you made me look bad.’ And I was like, ‘well because that’s what happened and, like, you know.’ He ended up boycotting filming the rest of Scandoval so that he could have editing rights to that scene to take out that specific piece.”

Bethenny then asked if Tom was a producer on VPR, and Rachel said “He’s not technically a producer. He’s been on the series from day one, season one. I don’t know if I’m even able to disclose this information, but he did tell me during negotiations for season 11, that he was offered a producer credit for Season 11. So I think he was being rewarded for the Scandoval of it all, and to me, that’s just kinda gross because it seems, it makes me skeptical. Was this really just something that was fabricated for this end result?”

In response, a Bravo spokesperson has told Entertainment Tonight that “Tom Sandoval was never offered a producer credit on Season 11 and had absolutely no creative control over editing during any season of Vanderpump Rules.”

Meanwhile, Lisa Vanderpump took issue with Bethenny’s claims that Rachel was paid less than her interns, confirming reports that her salary for Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules was over $350,000.

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