Did Jack Antonoff Share a Detail About Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn?

Did Jack Antonoff Share a Detail About Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn?

Jack Antonoff has entered the chat. The musician offered a digital breadcrumb for sleuthing Swifties on Wednesday, dropping a throwback image of Taylor Swift from the day he says they recorded her heartbreaking song, “You’re Losing Me.” 

After the songstress released her much-sought-after fan-favorite track on various streaming services, Antonoff shared an image and new details behind the creative process. In the candid photo, Swift can be seen standing in a kitchen with a bottle of wine and a handful of raisins. Her hair is pulled back in a low messy bun and she wears a brown sweater with brown pants as she looks down at the kitchen island. 

“‘You’re Losing Me’ is out today,” Antonoff wrote over the shot. “A very special track from the Midnights sessions that’s finally streaming! Written and recorded at home on 12/5/21 right after Taylor ate these raisins.” 

Jack Antonoff / Instagram

Fans on X (formerly known as Twitter) promptly flew into a frenzy while attempting to decode the new information, with many speculating that the timing of the song’s inception could have reflected the state of Swift’s relationship with then-boyfriend Joe Alwyn at the time. 

As ET first reported, Swift and Alwyn officially called it quits this past March after six years of dating. 

“You say, ‘I don’t understand,’ and I say, ‘I know you don’t’ / We thought a cure would come through in time, now, I fear it won’t,” Swift sings on the sad song. “Remember lookin’ at this room, we loved it ’cause of the light / Now, I just sit in the dark and wonder if it’s time.” 

She continues, “Do I throw out everything we built or keep it? / I’m getting tired even for a phoenix / Always risin’ from the ashes / Mendin’ all her gashes / You might just have dealt the final blow.” 

On the chorus, she declares: “Stop, you’re losin’ me / I can’t find a pulse / My heart won’t start anymore / For you / ‘Cause you’re losin’ me.”

One fan hailed Antonoff’s timeline tidbit as “the greatest gossip of all time,” while another joked that he was “never letting Joe Alwyn have another peaceful day in his life.” Several fans raved that his post was “so messy” (in a good way). 

“You’re Losing Me,” co-written by Swift and Antonoff, was initially featured exclusively on the Late Night Edition of Swift’s 2022 album, Midnights, and in a digital version available only on her web store. On Wednesday, Swift opted to make it available for streaming in celebration of her recent recognition as Spotify’s Global Top Artist of 2023.

“Um OK this is unreal?? I just wanted to say to anyone who listened to my music this year, anywhere in the world, thank you. Getting named Spotify’s Global Top Artist in 2023 is truly the best birthday/holiday gift you could’ve given me. So I was trying to think of a way to thank you, and a lot of you have been asking me to put ‘You’re Losing Me (From The Vault)’ on streaming… so here you go! You can finally listen EVERYWHERE now,” she shared on Instagram. 

Swift’s birthday is just weeks away, with the pop icon turning 34 on Dec. 13. In honor of her special day, she previously revealed that her Eras Tour concert doc will be made available to rent via VOD. 

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Meanwhile, Swift’s new romance with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is blossoming as the couple is planning to spend time together amid her current hiatus from touring. 

A source told ET on Wednesday, “Things between Travis and Taylor are going really well. Their relationship is progressing in a great way. Taylor is planning to spend a lot more time at Travis’ house in Kansas City while she is on a break from touring.”

The source continued, “They’re both very excited to be together, and Travis is making sure that Taylor feels comfortable and at home. They have mutual respect and admiration for one another, and their feelings for each other are sincere.”


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