Sabrina Carpenter Reacts to Criticism of ‘Feather’ Music Video

Sabrina Carpenter Reacts to Criticism of ‘Feather’ Music Video

Sabrina Carpenter isn’t asking for forgiveness following the backlash of her latest music video!

In her latest video for her single, “Feather,” Carpenter is objectified by men, who later die after the disrespect. In one scene, she pulls up to a church in a pastel hearse before getting out and going inside, where she rocks a short tulle dress, as she dances around their coffins on the altar. 

Following the Halloween release of the music video, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn removed the monsignor who approved the access inside of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a Catholic church in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

In an interview with Variety, the former Disney Channel alum spoke out about the backlash. 

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“We got approval in advance,” she said of the shoot. “And Jesus was a carpenter.” 

According to Pix 11 News, the pastor, Monsignor Jamie Gigantiello, was stripped of his duties the day after the video was released and the church had a mass with another pastor to “restore the sanctity.”

However, the former pastor claims he granted Carpenter and the film crew permission, after looking into their backgrounds. After being stripped of his duties, Gigantiello offered an apology and asked for “forgiveness” as he was not there when the shoot took place.

Carpenter has been open about having fun when it comes to filming music videos. In 2022, the “Nonsense” singer spoke to ET about the vision for her Quentin Tarantino-inspired “Fast Times” music video.

“The song feels so cinematic, all the strings, all the instrumentation really feels like a movie score to me. I wanted to kick some a** really badly,” Carpenter said of the video, adding that “the more cinematic you go, the more fun you can kind of have because it just becomes limitless.”

Carpenter is currently on the Eras Tour with Taylor Swift. 



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