Ginuwine on the Justin Timberlake Incident in Britney Spears’ Memoir

Ginuwine on the Justin Timberlake Incident in Britney Spears’ Memoir

Ginuwine has made headlines for many reasons over the last few years, but the singer’s most recent viral moment didn’t even involve him doing anything! The “Pony” singer found himself at the center of attention after a mention in Britney Spears‘ memoir, The Woman In Me.

The novel was released in October and struck a chord with fans for its many revelations and unveiled secrets. The audiobook also uncovered a diamond mine of treasures thanks to Michelle Williams‘ narration. 

The narration that went viral involves Williams, 43, reciting a fragment from the memoir in which Spears, 41, detailed a memory from her time dating *NSYNC frontman Justin Timberlake, 42. The Greatest Showman star gives her best impersonation of Timberlake as she narrates Spears’ recollection of an alleged run-in between the singer and Ginuwine

“His band *NSYNC was what people back then called ‘so pimp.’ They were white boys but they loved hip-hop. To me, that’s what separated them from The Backstreet Boys — who seemed very consciously to position themselves as a white group. *NSYNC hung out with Black artists,” Williams says, reading the Oops I Did It Again singer’s book. 

The clip continues with Williams reading Spears’ words in which she articulated that she thought *NSYNC members may have tried “too hard.” 

“One day, J and I were in New York, going to parts of town I had never been to before. Walking our way was a guy with a huge, blinged-out medallion — he was flanked by two giant security guards. J got all excited and said so loud, ‘oh yeah, fo’ shiz, fo’ shiz. Ginuwine, what’s up my homie?'” Williams narrates in her best impression of Timberlake. 

“After Ginuwine walked away, Felicia [Culotta] did an impression of J: ‘Oh yeah, fo’ shiz, fo’ shiz, Ginuwine.’ J wasn’t even embarrassed,” Williams reads. 

When Billboard asked Ginuwine about the alleged interaction, the 53-year-old crooner claimed he had no recollection of that now-iconic moment. “Nah, I don’t remember that,” Ginuwine said when asked if he recalled Spears’ account.

“I would have probably looked at him very weird if he did that like she said,” he added. “I just don’t remember that, but I remember him [Timberlake] being a cool dude and me kicking it down there in Florida with [*NSYNC’s] producer at one time.”

Spears’ book was released on Oct. 24 and created major waves for some of the topics addressed within the pages. 

The “Toxic” singer did not hold back while writing the book, addressing everything from an alleged at-home abortion during her relationship with Timberlake to her marriage to Kevin Federline to almost scoring the coveted of role of Allie Hamilton opposite Ryan Gosling in The Notebook

ET has a complete guide to every bombshell from The Woman In Me, now out in stores and online. 


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