Kaley Cuoco Welcomes a New Addition to Her Family

Kaley Cuoco Welcomes a New Addition to Her Family

Kaley Cuoco has happily welcomed a new member to her pack. 

On Thursday, the animal lover and activist revealed she and partner Tom Pelphrey are now parents to a senior dog named Red. Cuoco explained in an Instagram post that she had initially been working to get Red adopted after he was found walking on the streets and was later fostered by a friend of a friend. The actress paid to get his teeth fixed and for his veterinary care. Ultimately, she took him in herself. “We ended up finding him a home,” she said in her Instagram video. “It was just our home.”

It sounds like Red has adjusted well to joining Cuoco’s family — which includes an array of animals — as she noted he’s been running around with her other dogs, loves cuddling on the couch, and has let her kiss him on the head after being afraid to be touched near his face. 

“I knew Red belonged in our pack, I was just in denial for a while. At last here we are, and we love our newest senior family member, our expert drooler. 👅,” she wrote on Instagram. “He also doubles as my heating blanket every night — he always sleeps right next to me. Isn’t he so sweet.”

As she put it in her video, “Red is super special. I somehow knew he was going to end up with us.”

And we’d bet their daughter, Matilda is equally excited to have another four-legged friend in the house. As Cuoco previously told ET of their baby, “She is obsessed. What a beautiful thing to raise a kid — she’s only six months — surrounded by animals 24/7… She’s in her walker now. She doesn’t walk, she doesn’t even crawl, but she miraculously is in her walker, like, running around the house, so we laugh. We’re like, ‘Look out, everybody. You’re gonna lose a tail.'” 


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