This Hailey Bieber-Approved Sunscreen by Kosas Gave Me the Dewiest Skin of My Life

This Hailey Bieber-Approved Sunscreen by Kosas Gave Me the Dewiest Skin of My Life

Welcome to Thanks, It’s From TikTok, my little corner of the internet where I review cool shit I find on the all-consuming clock app. These hidden gems deserve way more hype, so follow along on Cosmo’s TikTok as I test ’em out before you make the buy.

If your For You Page looks anything like mine, you’ve probably seen way too much Hailey Bieber-related content in the past six months. While most of it consists of bizarre and completely unhinged conspiracy theories about her ongoing “feud” with Selena Gomez (*sigh…*), the app has also blessed us with tons of juicy information about her skincare routine and favorite makeup products—which is much more important!

From her love of the Kosas Revealer Concealer and her fluffy brows to her glazed donut manicure and ultra-glossy lips, she really never misses! Hailey’s “Get Ready With Me” videos are everything of the sort, and the girls on TikTok (hi, I’m girls) eat up her product recommendations every single time.

So when the rhode skin founder used the new Kosas DreamBeam SPF 40 in a GRWM video earlier this year—and looked even more dewy, radiant, and angelic than she usually does, might I add!—I knew I had to try it for myself. The mineral sunscreen is packed with good-for-you ingredients like mineral SPF, peptides, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and allantoin, plus it claims to “smooth, brighten, and create the dreamiest makeup base.”

Kosas DreamBeam SPF 40 PA++++

Kosas DreamBeam SPF 40 PA++++

Keep scrolling to watch me put the Kosas DreamBeam to the test live on camera and read my full review of the product after a few weeks of using it.

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What are the benefits of the Kosas DreamBeam?

The Kosas DreamBeam is a sunscreen that provides daily protection from harmful UV rays, but it’s so much more than that! It’s packed with moisturizing allantoin and hyaluronic acid, plus barrier-protecting ceramides and powerful peptides that help smooth, plump, and firm the skin without clogging pores.

This all-star lineup of ingredients works together to create a finish that looks as hydrated as it feelsand not just on someone with already-gorgeous skin like Hailey! As you’ll see in the TikTok video above, the Kosas DreamBeam made my complexion look *extremely* glowy and glazed à la Mrs. Bieber. It applies like a serum, as it’s lightweight, blendable, and absorbs quickly.

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On the face: brows, a bit of concealer, and Kosas DreamBeam!

Hanna Flanagan

I’ve also found the product to be super versatile, as it can be worn alone on a no-makeup day, with a bit of concealer, bronzer, and brows for a “clean girl” vibe, or even with a full face of makeup for a glam night out. The formula—which never looks greasy or feels too heavy on the skin—creates a smooth and even canvas, so your cream and powder products will apply seamlessly over top. Since we should all be wearing SPF every single day, it’s nice to use one that also doubles up as a moisturizer and an illuminating primer. Efficient and effective? We truly love to see it.

How to use the Kosas DreamBeam:

Yep, the Kosas DreamBeam can be worn on its own or under makeup. Either way, it’s a great product to incorporate into your everyday morning skincare routine and should be applied last in place of the sunscreen you’re currently using (after serums, creams, and oils). If you want a no-makeup look or light glam that focuses on dewy skin, just pop on a little concealer and you’re good to go!

If you’re using this product under a full face of makeup, the process is similar. Apply your everyday serums and creams, then apply the Kosas DreamBeam in place of your sunscreen and face primer. It’s sort of a two-in-one product, remember? So the primer you normally use to smooth out your complexion before foundation won’t be necessary.

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That glow though!

Hanna Flanagan

You’ll notice right away that the Kosas DreamBeam is pretty damn dewy. If you want that look to last all day, apply liquid or cream foundation, blush, contour, and bronzer products, then push a matte setting powder into your T-zone. But if you have oily skin or prefer a more subtle sheen, tone it down by powdering your whole face except for the high points (aka your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose).

Oh, and after testing this product out for a few weeks, I have great news! It’s not at all finicky like some other illuminating base products I’ve used, so you really can’t mess it up. Even if you go rogue and don’t follow the instructions above, it won’t pill throughout the day or disrupt the makeup you put on over it.

Mineral vs. chemical sunscreen: What’s the difference?

Wait… What even is mineral sunscreen? Dr. Rachel Maiman, a board-certified dermatologist at Marmur Medical and clinical instructor at Mount Sinai, told Cosmopolitan last year that mineral sunscreen “works similarly to a shield” by “sitting on the surface of the skin and deflecting the sun’s rays.” It essentially creates a physical barrier—hence why you might see it referred to as “physical sunscreen”—unlike chemical sunscreen, which has active ingredients that absorb UV rays before your skin does.

Mineral sunscreen is ideal for people with sensitive skin, hyperpigmentation, or melasma, and it contains the active ingredients zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide. But don’t worry, the Kosas DreamBeam formula features a peachy-pink hue to help neutralize the color of zinc, so it won’t leave an annoying white cast.

The final verdict

In Hailey’s video, the Kosas DreamBeam gave her skin a gorgeous, natural-looking sheen. Cue the “step one: have perfect skin” comments, lol. For real though, we know Mrs. Bieber’s complexion looks airbrushed, so I was curious to see what the Kosas DreamBeam could do for someone with visible pigmentation, such as myself.

Drum roll, please! I’m happy to report that the product did, in fact, give me that signature Hailey Bieber glow. If you love a radiant finish and want soft, supple-looking skin, add the Kosas DreamBeam to your cart! It does what it claims to do, plus it’s easy to apply, easy to incorporate into my everyday routine, and doesn’t make me break out… Tens, tens, tens across the board! Dare I say it’s the must-have beauty product of summer 2023?


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