Venus Retrograde Is Here, So Get Ready for That Text from Your Ex

Venus Retrograde Is Here, So Get Ready for That Text from Your Ex

So, everybody and their mother knows about Mercury Retrograde. About three times a year, the planet of communication moves backwards, and it makes life down here on Earth a little cuckoo. The same thing happens with every planet, and on July 22, the planet of love, pleasure, and beauty, Venus, goes retrograde. This Venus Retrograde lasts until September 3. The entire time its retrograde this time, Venus will be in the sign of Leo.

When Venus goes retrograde, your relationship with, well, relationships gets a little complicated. Retrogrades bring up the past, so you’re thinking a lot about exes, and maybe one or two of them will come back around. This isn’t just to cause stress, though—this is a chance to take a serious look at your past relationships, analyze them, move on from the bad, and learn lessons from the good. Just because someone comes back into your life doesn’t mean that you have to try to keep them around. This is actually a great time for hashing things out with your ex, getting closure, and finally moving on.

If you’re in a relationship right now, things are getting a bit rocky. Again, this isn’t happening just to cause stress; this is happening to test your relationship. New problems are popping up, and you have to deal with them: Will you start a fight or get mad, or will you be cooperative and patient? You’re also wondering if you’re with someone for the right reasons. They may have been a perfect partner for you when you met a few years ago, but you’ve both changed—has the relationship changed accordingly, or are you just sticking to a union that doesn’t really work anymore? With new relationships, don’t even try it. DTRing during Venus Retrograde is a surefire way to fall into a breakup within the next month or so.


Venus is also the planet of beauty, so now’s a bad time to totally change your look up. If you’re feeling inspired to spontaneously dye your hair blue, get an $800 tattoo, or throw out your closet and upgrade your wardrobe, I suggest that you don’t. Experiment a little! Do a streak of blue, hold onto that $800 and think a little longer about the tattoo, and just buy a couple of new outfits. It’s also super important to keep track of your funds right now. Venus rules valuables, which includes cash, so impulse spending is a bad idea right now!

This retrograde, like all retrogrades, will be full of challenges. Relationships of all kinds—not just romantic—are going through tests, and odds are that just about all of us may end the retrograde either single, or with one or two less friends than before. But it all comes with a purpose! For each trash friend or crappy partner you kick to the curb, you’re opening up space for new, better, healthier relationships down the line. Good luck!

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Life in the bedroom is getting a little weird. Not bad! Just… weird. Lots of your old turn-ons aren’t really doing it for you anymore, and all of your favorite tricks in bed aren’t really as titillating for your partner as they used to be. Experiment! Try something new! Try someone new! Not every new thing will be a winner, but you’ll never know if you never try.


First of all, this isn’t a great time to sign a lease, buy property, or move. Don’t let the retrograde stop you if you must do this, just make sure you read and re-read the fine print before signing anything. Second, you’re facing a few problems with the people who live with. Be nice, keep your space tidy, and compromise. You’re all sharing the same space, and if one of you is unhappy, odds are everybody is feeling it. Redecorate, keep your place clean, and you’ll navigate this retrograde unscathed.


This retrograde is in your chart’s communications zone, so I suggest thinking very carefully before you speak or hit “send.” You’re also learning that you’re a really great talker, but a pretty bad listener. Just because you can say something doesn’t mean you should say something, and if you keep dominating conversations, nobody will wanna connect with you. If you have any problems with siblings or neighbors, those are being exacerbated right now, too. Try listening before you pop off, and you can likely solve the problems with ease.


Put that credit card away! You’re feeling more tempted than ever to make impulse purchases right now, and even though you might really want something, you need to learn that you don’t need it. Your relationship with cash is a little wonky right now, and unexpected expenses are very likely now. So resist those impulse purchases! Instead, be frugal for at least the next month or so.


With Venus Retrograde in your sign, you’re defs feeling it the most! All of the previously mentioned Venus Retrograde-isms are resonating true in your life right now, but there’s an added emphasis on your self-esteem. You feel like people aren’t really as into you right now, so you’re tempted to switch up your appearance, your attitude, or your mannerisms. Don’t! People should love you for you, and if they don’t, who needs ‘em? You’re also attracting a wide variety of new potential paramours—they aren’t your usual type, but you’re still intrigued by them—and you can have a surprisingly good time.


Your sign is dealing with exes more than anyone else. Venus Retrograde is in your twelfth house, which rules the past and incomplete cycles. The nastier the breakup, the more likely they are to come back around. Use this as an opportunity to get everything off your chest, find closure, and move on. Don’t feel even the slightest bit obligated to reintroduce these people into your life—let them be a lesson for what you definitely don’t want in your future relationships.


Leo season is the most social time of year for you and you’re definitely meeting tons of new acquaintances, but this retrograde is causing some drama in your core squad. It might feel like your friends are playing a game of musical chairs—people are shuffling in, shuffling out, or going back and forth—but this is all to help you figure out exactly what kind of people you want to surround yourself with. Some friends might go away, but by the end of this, you’ll have a much stronger connection to your remaining besties.


Leo season has you feeling more driven and eager for success, but I want you to slow down just a wee bit. All eyes are on you! If you want to be seen as successful, you have to actually work towards success. You want to do great work and put your best foot forward, right? Well, remember this: You can’t rush perfection. Taking it slow, doing the work, and being diligent will make it so you don’t have to tell the world, “Look how successful I am!” It’ll show the world that you’re the real deal.


Venus Retrograde in Leo is bad news for long-distance love affairs. And if you’re dating someone who lives locally, they might have to go away for a week or two. When your partner isn’t right there beside you, it’s easy for you to get bored. Your eyes start to wander, and before you know it, something a little salacious might happen. Distance sucks, but be patient, do the right thing, and don’t try to fix your boredom with a little side action! Once your boo comes back around, reuniting will feel amazing.


How much is your self-worth defined by what others think about you? You’re known for being rigid and strong, but lately, whenever your relationships go through a rough patch, you feel awful about it. You’re not “playing” the victim, but you’re blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong. Take responsibility for how you interact with others, but if someone rubs you the wrong way or starts a fight, realize it’s not a “you” thing. It’s them, and you don’t need their validation.


The planet of love is retrograde in your chart’s relationships zone, so your primary connections—like your buddies, your boo, and your business colleagues—are going through a bit of a rough patch. This is not the time to DTR, propose, or start professional partnerships. No matter who you’re connecting with, take things slow—very slow—and practice plenty of patience in the meantime.


Learn to get along with others! Relationships at work are getting especially tense. You and Nancy from the finance department have been sending each other shady emails all week, that jerk Tyler in the cubicle next to you is annoying the crap out of you, and it feels like everyone is pushing your buttons! Show them a little grace. Passive-aggressive remarks and sarcasm will get you nowhere. Lead with kindness and you’ll be amazed at the sweet responses you get in return!

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